On 1 June 2011, Tower Insurance Australia changed their name to TAL (ASX code: TAL).
The name change was a result of a demerger between Tower Australia and Tower New Zealand in 2006.
TAL Insurance

TAL is one of Australia’s major life insurance companies, offering life insurance, income protection insurance, critical illness insurance and TPD insurance.

TAL Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Company, one of Japan’s major life insurance companies.

TAL Life Insurance

TAL Life Insurance is branded as Accelerated Protection Life Insurance.

This policy offers the following benefits:

  • Death cover
  • Terminal illness cover
  • Repatriation
  • Inflation protection
  • Premium Freeze
  • Guaranteed future insurability

For more details please read TAL’s PDS.

TAL Income Protection Insurance

TAL Income Protection Insurance is branded Accelerated Protection Income Protection.

This policy offers the following standard and optional benefits:

  • Total disability
  • Partial disability
  • Inflation protection
  • Death
  • Concurrent disability
  • Recurrent disability
  • Waiver of premium
  • Elective surgery
  • Extended care
  • Bed confinement
  • Family support
  • Housekeeper benefit
  • Scheduled injury benefit
  • Blood borne disease benefit

TAL also offers a number of additional benefits on their Premier level of cover at an additional cost.

For more information on premier benefits, standard benefits, and policy details please read TAL’s PDS.